Photo courtesy artist

Newcomer Bryce Connolly (aka Mindchatter) is making his debut today on Mind of a Genius with his new single "Scared to Go Home."

The hazy new track is his first on the label, which has been behind the likes of ZHU, Gallant and THEY. It comes as New York City-based Mindchatter has already been buzzing thanks to previous collaborations, but now he's offering a preview of his upcoming full-length project, expected later this year.

"I wrote 'Scared To Go Home' after a night out in NYC," says Mindchatter. "There are times when nightlife feels incredibly depressing and lonely—everyone desperately reaching out for one another, getting way too drunk, trying to make a connection. I wanted to capture that feeling in a song that’s just as much a party song as a moment of self-reflection."

Hear the new song below.