Miles Carey-Snow

Emerging singer Devin Kennedy is drawing inspiration from the Gram on his new single "Happy Yet," which is out Wednesday.

The irresistible new track is actually premiering today on Variance, giving fans a chance to hear it in full before its release tomorrow. The song follows the Berklee grad's recent You & Me, That's Enough EP and it comes as a reminder to find value in life outside of what everyone else has.

"'Happy Yet' is about how internet culture has effected my life over the last few years," says Kennedy of the new track. "I’ve noticed that I constantly compare my current situation to others online and the more I do it, the worse I feel. It's something that’s very hard to let go of. The only fix has been for me to remind myself that most people only display the positive things in their life online, and it’s unfair to compare myself to the online version of anyone."

Hear "Happy Yet" below.