Brandon Andrew

Drew Straus (aka Onsen) has released a new single called "Golden Heart."

The gripping and emotional new track, co-produced by Miguel collaborator Brook D'Leau, draws inspiration from heartache while Straus' vocals shine with purity throughout, meshing with the spellbinding production.

"I wrote this when I found out that a long term partner was starting to see someone new," The Los Angeles-based singer says of the new song. "In that moment, it's easy to question every choice you made in the relationship and to wonder if you might want them back. At the very least, it's the moment a breakup feels definitive. As such, this song is an unexpected emotional upwelling, a mix of wistfulness and gratitude for what you had."

The new track follows Onsen's other recent standout "The March," which was released back in November. Hear both tracks below.