Photo courtesy artist

With the new year fully underway, another newcomer is here with their eyes on 2020.

That would be emerging brother-sister duo Chasing Daze, made up of 16-year-old singer Julia and her 19-year-old producer brother Ryan, who on Tuesday released their debut single "Change You."

Coming from a small city in Southern Oregon, the two have been making music out of their bedrooms, with this sunny new track serving as their official introduction, marking the latest release from indie label Dreams Never Die, the same music group behind fellow up-and-comer COTIS.

"Change You" is a delicate, Clairo-esque offering, brimming with a raw, youthful sound which is truly earnest yet not necessarily flawless. In a sea of highly produced pop, a gem like this is a welcome listen.

Hear the new song below.