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Rising duo Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter (together known as Two Another) have dropped their first song of the new year.

The Sydney-born pair, who are now based in London and Amsterdam, on Friday released their standout new song "Another Night." Having worked with U.K. producer Utters, this new release is dripping with seductive R&B undertones and subtle, velvet vocals at the core.

"Working with Utters, we were able to bring the song to life, recording strings and making the sound a little darker to shine light on the vulnerability of the song," says Campbell, with Porter adding: "Sonically, the project represents a different direction for us – more emotive and raw than our previous work."

The new music follows their 2018 debut LP Another Tape, for which they released a deluxe edition last year. The new song is out now via Sweat It Out and it's the first off their upcoming Two Sides project.

Hear "Another Night" below.