Photo courtesy artist

Splitting her time between Chicago and Toronto, Deanna Devore has soaked in the creativity and inspiration from both vibrant cities. Her time spent in these two very different, yet incredibly colourful places are threaded deeply throughout her music. 

After a much-anticipated wait since the release of her EP half and half, the songstress is gracing listeners with the beautifully melodic “Lately.” The sultry track, which features a mystery singer, details the rollercoaster ride of relationships - the anticipation of getting on, the twist and turns during the ride and the ultimate conclusion. Smooth, soulful vocals glide delicately atop the groove-fuelled melodies and muted beats. 

With much of her inspiration sparking from her love of both jazz and R&B, Devore shares, “I hope my music can bridge the gap for fans of all genres and be appealing to a variety of people”. Continuing to wave a flag for female multi-instrumentalists and producers, Devore hopes her music may act as a form of encouragement for other women to self-produce.