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With just weeks left in the year, Now, Now is here to deliver one final treat in the form of "Lonely Christmas."

It's a spellbinding release, despite the song's clearly stated origins. "This song came about because I always get really lonely and bummed out during the holidays," says Now, Now's KC Dalager. "I try every year to overcome that, so writing this song is another attempt to reclaim the magic of the season."

She adds: "I always loved the freedom in Christmas music. Nothing is too much. Nothing is too far. Nothing is too joyous. Nothing is too desperate. I can openly plead with someone to not break my heart in the name of Christmas."

The new song follows Now, Now's busy year on a co-headlining tour with Foxing as well as fall shows supporting Maggie Rogers. They've been touring in support of their breathtaking album Saved, which was released in May 2018.

Hear "Lonely Christmas" below.