Thomas Neukem

Now it's official: Caribou is a releasing a new album.

Back in October, Dan Snaith, the man behind Caribou, shared his new song "Home," an irresistible offering, and today he has released his dazzling new track "You and I," both a preview of his new album, he has now confirmed.

Suddenly will be out Feb 28 via Merge/City Slang, coming after a five-year absence. 

"‘You and I’ was one of the first tracks on the album that I started, and one of the last tracks I finished," he says. "It existed in some form or other throughout the whole arc of making the record. It also captures a lot of what the record, and the title of the album, are about – the track changes suddenly and unpredictably, and it is about a change in my life that happened out of the blue."

Hear "You and I" below.