Emilia Paré

C. SHIROCK exudes intense power and sharp clarity in his music, cutting deep into the core of who he truly is as an artist. His latest single entitled “Lost to the Night” is stunningly impassioned. Showcasing nostalgic melodies, aching vocals and heartfelt lyrics, the glistening single is an emotive tale of love and hope.

The track is a touching narration of a reunion with a loved one and C. SHIROCK shares, “At its heart, 'Lost to the Night' is a song about reconciliation. It started with a question, “if you had the chance, what would you say to someone you’ve lost?” I remember it was a cold winter day in Nashville, not unlike today. I wrote and produced it with Thomas Doeve. For him, it was a letter of sorts to his brother hoping for understanding and reconciliation. For me, the meaning evolved in a heartbreaking way, and when I sing it now I can only think of my dear friend Jon who was like a brother to me. Jon passed away unexpectedly this year.”

C. SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock and was the founder, frontman and primary writer for the acclaimed band, SHIROCK. His new material is an evolution from his prior work and now he is discovering his true identity as an artist. Crafting his own unique brand of intelligent pop, his music soars with cinematic soundscapes, layered keyboards. With hints of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and The Cure, C. SHIROCK eminiates a strong vulnerability.

Check out his single “Lost to the Night” and get lost on a poignant journey of devotion and faith.