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Newcomer Geena Fontanella is ready to share new music and she's not holding back.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is premiering her new single "I Hate This City" today on Variance. It's a confessional track, a poignant reflection on a past relationship which showcases Fontanella's shining vocals in the midst of undeniable angst.

"When I was a sophomore in high school, I watched a video of Katy Perry saying, 'How can you really perform a song and feel it, if you didn't write it?' I think what really struck me was that I realized, I could never be a great performer if I didn't become a great writer," recalls Fontanella of her early songwriting days. "I didn't want anything standing in my way of being great, so I started immediately. At first I only wrote 5-10 songs a year, then in college it went up to 15-20. But by the time I was out of college and in Nashville I was writing 50-100 songs a year. Don't get it twisted though, most of them were crap. But all the time I put in, really helped me hone in on the songs I have today."

Listen to "I Hate This City" below.