Gabriel Lima

Here's one ahead of your weekend from Vancouver producer Derek Machin (aka Birdriot).

His new single "Wanna Go" is out on Friday, but he's giving Variance an early listen of the track, which finds his hazy vocals wandering over riveting bass lines and lush production, creating a final product which is a little bit woozy and a whole lot of glistening perfection.

With Birdriot admittedly creating an almost "mumble rap" experience in his music, the fogginess perhaps glosses over the song's gun-wrenching tale, which was inspired by the artist's discovery that the woman he had been seeing was actually seeing someone else.

"Yet I bit my tongue upon finding out to save face," he says of the self-produced track, adding: "Sometimes, heartbreak can be beautiful. I sought out to capture the mood of being completely present with one’s emotions on this track."

Hear "Wanna Go" below.