Photo courtesy artist

Gorran has been impressing audiences across the globe with his recent releases, flaunting his remarkable musicianship and new single "Roses" is yet another example of his outstanding abilities.

The song bursts with passionate vocals, bold electronic synths and soaring soundscapes which instantly engages the listener. The narrative of "Roses" stems from a very poignant and imperative message. Having been inspired by his younger sister as well as Greta Thunberg, Gorran hopes "Roses" will act as a reminder to encourage this generation to help shape our future for the better. 

Gorran shares, "Young women such as Thunberg are paving the way for a whole generation of people to make positive changes in our society and so it’s time we listen to them and take them seriously. I think having a little sister myself, who at the time of the writing of the song was only 12 years old, made the subject matter even more poignant for me."

Gorran’s inspiration for the sound of the track came whilst trawling through SoundCloud. The BRIT School graduate explains, “Unlike my other songs, I found an instrumental on SoundCloud that was a remix by Laxo of a song produced by HRNK, and I instantly came up with the chorus topline over it. I made the song, and then reached out to both producers to ask what they thought and whether they were cool with me releasing it, and they both really liked it which was great!”

Gorran has been causing a stir recently with his steady slew of releases and applauded live performances to sold out audiences in venues such as the acclaimed London Roundhouse. We can’t wait to see what he brings us next. 

"Roses" is out Friday, but it's premiering on Variance today. Hear it below.