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Emerging British singer Be No Rain has released his debut single. The infectious new track, titled "Deadweight," is described as a song which has been "written, re-written, recorded and re-recorded many times" since its original conception back in 2011. But today, the final realization can be heard.

"There’s a particularly bitter stage in the decay of a relationship when your partner’s ambitions can become directly threatening to you," says Be No Rain of the new track. "Perhaps they mention somewhere else they’d like to live and all you hear is that they want a change. Perhaps they start learning a new language and you just wonder who they’re yearning to talk to and what they’d say. It’s something that young love is most susceptible to."

Be No Rain has plenty more music on the way in the coming months, with a "full body of work" expected sometime next year.

Hear "Deadweight" below.