Jason Kramer

Rising duo Oliver Riot returned this past week with new music.

Comprised of identical twins Benjamin and Alexander Moor, the Albuquerque natives have released their spellbinding new single "Nervous," which is their first since their standout 2017 Neurosis EP and is out now via AWAL.

The new, Eric Palmquist-produced cut, which is dripping with emotion in the vein of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, is at times bright and glossy, and yet deeply haunting at others. It's an almost cinematic experience with a piano underpinning and featuring strings from Rhye and Mary J. Blige collaborator Thomas Lea.

“Honestly, it’s more of a poem than it is a song," the Moor siblings say of the new track. "The poem is about the feeling of being physically within proximity to someone you love while simultaneously knowing that they’re *just* out of emotional reach. Being inches apart while feeling miles out, watching the person slowly fade away, slipping like water through your fingertips as you try to clasp on harder and harder."

Previously homeless, they actually squatted in the back of an old Korean church, where they recorded their first two EPs. For nostalgia's sake, they said they used the "same $99 microphone" from those projects to record this new track. "We couldn't resist using it," they said.

Hear "Nervous" below.