Jarrod Harker

After months of previews, Tim Bettinson (aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic) has released his new album Onwards to Zion, which arrived Friday.

The new record includes his previously released tracks such as "Bad Dream," "Summer 09" and "Fever," the latter of which he says was the last song he wrote for the album, saying it embodies the theme of "perseverance" throughout the record, which was written for "amazing people in my life." 

The new record follows Bettinson's two-part Therapy 1 and Therapy 2 EPs released last year, as well as his debut album Revival, which preceded a lengthy battle to get out of his major label contract with Columbia Records.

"The Therapy songs mostly came from a place of frustration—just me complaining about the situation I was in back then," says Bettinson of the new music. "When I sat down to think about the new album, I realized I don’t want my discography to reflect bitterness: I want to put something positive into the world. So even though it’s got some darkness, and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times, the album is very much coming from a place of love."

Vancouver Sleep Clinic also has a fall tour planned, starting next month in Europe before coming stateside. Tickets for the trek are on sale now.

Hear Onwards to Zion below.