Photo courtesy artist

Queens-based indie pop-rock band HOAX have just dropped their latest release "You Get So Alone Sometimes."

Shimmering with melancholic soundscapes, crying guitars and layered harmonies which float delicately stop the music, the single is yet another example of the duo’s profound and distinct musicality.

The single, which is an example of their applauded signature sound, is off of their upcoming full-length—a narrational screenplay type album, exploring the human condition. HOAX’s music often focuses on sensitive themes, disguised within their velvety vocals and smokey melodies.

HOAX expresses, “‘You Get So Alone Sometimes’ has been the culmination of all of the skills that we have learned in the past few years as songwriters, producers and engineers. We have gotten into the analog world of recording more and more and with our gear collection growing, we had more tools available at our disposal. We work on the production side to try and create the sonics that are true to us and continue to craft the sound of the album."

The New York natives, aka Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, have established a fresh sound fusing elements of 60’s pop, 70’s Motown and alternative R&B, which they are labelling as ‘empathy pop’. This infectious amalgamation has been resonating with audiences across the globe, with the duo receiving outstanding acclaim from critics and fans alike. HOAX shares, “we really pull a lot of inspiration from the fashion, art and music of the past while interpreting it through our own modern lens."

Hear the song below.