Fiona Garden, photo courtesy artist

U.K. singer Chelou is ready to share new music in the form of his new single "Garden."

The spellbinding, reverb-heavy cut is premiering Tuesday on Variance, offering listeners a glimpse into the London-based artist's psych-pop world while perhaps observing an unsettling reality.

"'Garden' was written whilst my computer was broken," says Chelou of the new track. "Which kinda forced me to go back to basics and write a song start to finish just on guitar moving away from production and just focusing on the core simplicity of a song."

He adds: "I felt exposed and really wanted the lyrics and the guitar to be as profound as possible but in their raw form. Lyrically, I suppose it’s a metaphorical interpretation of the state of our planet and the transience of life, recognising an on-going dismissal by oneself to actually look and engage with the reality of things. The garden I’m singing about is almost the antithesis of all the life and freedom that exists in such beauty; a scary reminder of how nature is being lost in the world currently. This song really set the tone for the next few month of my writing; I was living in a cabin in Wales really connected to the ocean and the space around me."

Hear "Garden" below.