Taylor Sheppard

Just in time for the weekend, Canadian producer Rob Bakker (aka NICOLAAS) is gifting fans with his new single "Daydream."

The dazzling new cut featuring Millionyoung arrived Friday via Haven Sounds. Coming in at a crisp three minutes, it's a dance-inspiring gem with Millionyoung's whispering vocals shining throughout, seamlessly living up to the song's title.

"I'm always getting lost in a daydream," says NICOLAAS of the new track. "As is often the case, the idea for this track spawned from one. I wanted to create a sound that felt focused and intentional, but free enough for the listener to get lost in it as well. Millionyoung was a perfect fit. His sound and style really matched what I was trying to accomplish—I'm grateful he was down to work on it with me! He killed it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

Hear "Daydream" below.