Photo courtesy artist

Coming off of the release of their album Seasons, alt-rock outfit American Authors transition from a darker moody sound to a bright and vibrant tone in their new single.

Entitled “Champion,” the stadium anthem features staccato instrumentation, layered fiery vocals and a high-spirited beat. The track features up and coming rapper Beau Young Prince, enhancing the song with his infectious hip-hop flows. "Champion" is an ode to those close to the band, those that have stuck by their side not only through the good, but also the bad.

The Brooklyn-based four piece is known for their genre blurring anthems. Taking energetic gritty rock and fusing it with pop and hip-hop vibes, they’ve constructed a sound that is uniquely their own. Consisting of Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums], American Authors formed in 2006. Now with their life’s goal come to fruition, they are the true champions who fought so hard and won.

Check out “Champion” and appreciate the fighters by your side.