Photo courtesy artist

Matthew Chaim continues to go deep, as evidenced by his new single "Reason."

The heartfelt track arrived Friday and it finds the singer, long a Variance favorite, exploring what he calls love's "healing effects." It follows the release of his tender and emotional single "Sunflowers," inspired by the loss of his father at a young age.

"While there is a very outgoing side to me, I often get into pretty introspective and solitary modes," says Chaim of the new song. "I enjoy my alone time, but sometimes it leads to getting lost in my own head. When that happens and I start to head down some dark rabbit hole, it is often my little vices (like weed, TV, porn, Instagram) that I so easily turn to for relief. Vices do calm those voices and accompanying emotions down, but only for a short amount of time."

He continues: "What I’ve learnt, however, is that it is true connection and relating to others that can actually help us heal those spaces within us that we so often distract ourselves from. It is the love in our lives that gives us the strength to heal. Ergo, love heals. Amen." 

Hear "Reason" below.