Photo courtesy artist

Before a long weekend in the States, Montreal-based artists junï and Edwin Raphael are giving us something special with a new single under their collaborative moniker Kashmir Winter.

Their track "we are Pretty, we are Porcelain" is premiering today on Variance. Hailing from Manchester and Dubai, respectively, junï and Edwin Raphael are actually preparing to release a joint EP later this year, with the new song serving as a preview.

"'we are Pretty, we are Porcelain' comes from a place of self-analysis, a sobering moment in which I realized how much my own feeling of self-worth and self-confidence is linked to dressing well, wearing flashy jewelry, portraying a certain lifestyle," says the duo. "Material things. It’s something that’s common in society and isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. But what I think is disturbing is how uncomfortable we can feel without them. Porcelain is a warning to myself and others, not to totally eschew materialistic things, but to be weary of how much power we give them."

Hear the new song below and follow both junï and Edwin Raphael on Instagram.