Ricardo Castano

Patrick Grossi (aka Active Child) is back with new music.

The singer-producer returned Thursday with a new song called "All Eyes on You," his first in two years, which follows his 2015 album Mercy and 2017 song "Cruel World." It's also his being released on Sony Music, whereas his past material came via indie label Vagrant Records.

"My wife and I had recently gotten married and that moment was still very fresh in my mind," says Grossi of the inspiration behind the new song. "This vow, to fully devote yourself to another person, at all cost and forever? Its profound and heavy! I wasn't consciously writing about that per say but the subconscious is a powerful instrument and the music gave me a certain energy, like devotional altar piece but make it slap. I was hyped about our dedication to each other."

Hear "All Eyes on You" below.