Ryan Pernofski

As July comes to an end, Australia-based artist Callum Meadows, aka MDWS (pronounced "Meadows"), has released his debut album Another Year.

The nine-song project arrived Friday, released independently. On it, the singer-producer and Variance favorite fuses haunting vocals and hypnotic production with emotional lyricism, as he opens up about a year of lost friends and broken relationships. 

"I had a lot of emotions bottled inside about a past relationship I had get out somehow," MDWS previously told Variance about the new material, pointing to a line in "Fire" as evidence: "'Love ain’t love if you make me crawl' paints the scene of how toxic the relationship was."

Included on the album are previously released tracks such as "Wasted" and the aforementioned "Fire," as well as his breakout single "Circles" and "Heartbreak," featuring production from fellow Aussie fave GXNXVS. 

As MDWS continues his musical journey, Another Year is clearly a very personal effort. He describes it as a reminder that feelings of insecurity and sorrow are normal and that "feeling helpless and even totally lost is all part of being human."

Listen to the full album below via Spotify or click here to listen on any digital platform.