Photo courtesy artist

There's new music from Joywave, but while they've built a catalog of shiny, upbeat favorites, their new song "Like a Kennedy" is not that.

Instead, the band is inching into current events, while explicitly trying to avoid a "political" bent, even if they're admittedly commenting on media overload and the exhausting nature of the constant breaking news cycle. 

"Are they gonna bomb us all / I don't know / Do you think they'll build the wall / I don't know," the song posits, clearly veering into very timely content, referencing the multiple potential threats of war and the long-hyped barrier along the U.S. Southern border.

"It's a song about complete exhaustion and media burnout," says singer Daniel Armbruster. "It's an anti-chaos song. Every screen you walk by demands your attention. Everything is BREAKING NEWS in all caps ... I don't think people should check out, but I think it's beneficial to at least zoom out and not take the bait every time. It feels like everything is designed to keep us enraged 24 hours a day. We deserve a little sanity."

Hear the new song below.