Emerging New York-based producer Past Palms has released a new song which is perfect for your Wednesday.

Whether it's gloomy or all sunshine where you're at, the newly released track called "II. Kentia" is a great soundtrack, with inviting, ambient soundscapes and lo-fi beats weaved together with nature samples, despite its having been written in an industrial pocket of Brooklyn.

"I started Past Palms as a way of expressing how it feels to live in New York City, constantly disconnected from nature,” says Past Palms of the new music. “As a way to re-connect, I have filled my home with over 50 tropical houseplants, and I wanted to create music that encapsulates that juxtaposition — that feeling of watching the morning sun shine on a beautiful indoor palm tree while a horn blares outside from a massive truck rumbling by."

"II. Kentia" is a preview of Past Palms' self-titled EP, which arrives on June 21, the first day of summer.

Hear the new song below.