Photo by Darren Skene

Emerging Danish singer Iris Gold is heading into the weekend with brand new music.

The soul-pop artist is releasing her new single "A Lot to Give" on Friday and she's premiering the track a day early on Variance. An infectious listen, it's the latest preview of the singer's upcoming debut album Planet Cool, which is coming in June.

"'A Lot to Give' is about not being held back by those self-made walls in your mind," she says of the new song. "And the different ways we can come together as humans, by giving and therefore receiving, more than we ever thought possible."

Check out Iris Gold's other recent single "WOW" here and listen to "A Lot to Give" below.

Iris Gold's live schedule:
06/28/19 — Europavox Festival — Clermont-Ferrand/France
07/05/19 — Nibe Festival — Nibe/Denmark
07/19/19 — Electric Castle — Cluj/Romania
07/21/19 — Larmer Tree Festival — Tollard Royal/United Kingdom
07/27/19 — Standon Calling — Hertfordshire/United Kingdom
08/02/19 — Intsikurmu Festival — Põlva/Estland 
09/09/19 — SmukFest — Skanderborg/Denmark