Photo of SG Lewis, courtesy artist

SG Lewis has released a simmering new single called "Flames."

It follows his performance last month at Coachella and the song features rising Aussie artist Ruel, who actually joined Lewis on stage at the festival to debut the live rendition of the track.

“I was put onto Ruel’s music about 18 months ago, and watching his growth since then has been amazing," says Lewis of working with Ruel on the song. "He’s got such soul to his voice for someone of his age, it’s crazy. ‘Flames’ is the final preview of ‘Dawn’ before the whole thing drops, and I can’t wait to share the whole thing.”

As we previously mentioned, Lewis is preparing to release his three-part concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn, with this being the final preview from the Dawn chapter.

Listen to the new song below and see SG Lewis' tour dates here.