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Australian up-and-comer Kyle Lionhart is kicking off the new week with new music. In fact, it's the first preview of his upcoming debut album, out today in the form of his new single "So Close."

The arena-ready track comes as Lionhart has been spending time since November in Nashville, recording the forthcoming record with producers Lindsay Jackson and Jon Hume, the latter of whom also produced fellow Aussie Dean Lewis' hit "Be Alright."

“I wrote this song In the midst of chaos," says Lionhart. "I was lost, I didn’t know what my next step was, what direction I was heading or why. Everything was bubbling up, all my past decisions, mistakes, we’re haunting me again, everything I thought I had built a solid foundation under started falling apart. And it all started with an argument with someone I love and look up to."

Hear "So Close" below.