Bjarne Bare

Jordan Raoufpur (aka Jordan Raf) is kicking off the weekend with the release of his new album Heaven, his second full-length project, which he says has been three years in the making.

Raf had teased the 11-track album last summer when he released his song "Scales of St. Michael," which appears on the record. And while the project's title might project celestial pleasantness, it seems the Los Angeles-based artist is actually torn, pondering what is good and what is evil and where he personally finds himself in that trajectory.

"A lot of what I was trying to explore in my second real album is the concept of an objective moral truth to the world as far as what is good or bad, what my true values are, and what the people around me consider general acceptable behavior from a basic humanistic standpoint," Raf previously said of the new material. "One of the main ways we have done this historically is through the proxy of religion."

Listen to Heaven below.