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Mike Deni (aka Geographer) is about to release a new EP and he's teasing the project with a glowing new single called "Love Is Wasted in the Dark."

The track arrived Friday as a preview of the new EP, simply titled New Jersey, which is out on March 22. Having grown up in Jersey before relocating to San Fransisco, this new project will find the singer going back in time to capture his youth and explore his past hopes and aspirations.

"This is a song about feeling like you're unworthy of someone's love…It is sort of a modern ‘It Ain't Me Babe’ with the dominating emotion being melancholy instead of egotism," says Deni of the new track. "I like the title very much because the first line is, ‘your love is wasted in my heart,' which makes darkness and his heart the same thing."

After more than a decade in San Francisco, Deni left last year, spending months on tour or living with friends, before going back home to New Jersey and to his roots in Italy. He has now settled in Los Angeles and will soon be announcing a new tour.

Hear "Love Is Wasted in the Dark" below.