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It's Friday and that means a lot of new music. That includes a new single from Brooklyn-based artist Sean McVerry, who has released his new single "Holy Tailor."

The gravelly new track arrived today and it's perhaps a bit different from some of his previous work, such as his synth-friendly Private Lives EP, which premiered on Variance last spring.

"After Private Lives, I started writing 16 bars of music every morning to pool together any ideas I had floating around," McVerry says of the song's background. "The melody of 'Holy Tailor' was one of those first ideas and I decided to go with it. I wanted to remove all the bells and whistles of production and just get down to the bare bones of the song"

As he continues his evolution, he has more music planned for this year, with another project in the works.

Hear "Holy Tailor" below.