Seth Nicolas

Alex Vargas is back with new music.

The Danish crooner on Friday returned with his spellbinding new single "Now That I Think About It," which arrived with an accompanying set of visuals. It follows the release earlier this year of his single "Slowly."

"This is the moment when you realize and reach the final decision to cut the connection to a person you’ve been very close to," says Vargas of the new song. "When that choice is the last resort for you to get on with your life! But then comes doubt... Was this the right thing to do? How is the other person now? And how are you?"

Vargas, who was one of Variance's 2017 FutureSounds selections, released his album Cohere last March. His single "Higher" was among Variance's 100 Best Songs of 2016.

Check out "Now That I Think About It" below.