Photo courtesy artist

London-based duo Karl Zine and Nai Jannson (aka RINNGS) have shared a beautiful set of visuals for their song "Glorious."

The spellbinding cut is the title track from the emerging alt-pop outfit's debut EP, released in July. And the video, which was shot in central London at Five Miles club in Tottenham, is premiering today on Variance.

"The song is really about chasing those highs, where you forget about the real world for a minute and are living in the moment, and the video needed to reflect that," says Zine, who directed the clip, which follows two guys sharing a tender moment as they dance in sync together. "We shot the video at dawn to make use of the empty city and to ensure that the focus was solely on the two characters, mirroring the way someone can temporarily become your whole world."

He adds: "Many of the shots in the video overlap slightly or morph subtly in to each other, giving the feeling that you might be watching the memory of a moment, rather than watching something happen in real-time."

While the song is itself such an intoxicating listen, the video definitely adds an enamoring new dimension. Meanwhile, the full EP can be heard here.

See the video below.