Image from 'Cut and Run' video

It's a happy weekend for fans of Yoke Lore, who has just released his new song "Cut and Run."

The Variance favorite dropped the new track on Friday with an accompanying video, part of which was shot in the basement of a dollar store. The song is a preview of the Brooklyn-based singer's upcoming Absolutes EP, which will be out on July 27.

"This song is about how it is sometimes OK, and maybe even beneficial, to do the opposite of what's good or healthy for you," says Yoke Lore. "I move at different speeds attempting to find the perfect balance of movement and sound—the perfect center between effort and grace. It's not a moment in my life, but more so, all the moments. I'm always fighting this question a little bit: how hard to try, how much effort to give; conversely, how calm to be, how to use tranquility as a soft weapon like water crashing against rock until it wears away."

For the video, Yoke Lore went to Los Angeles, trekking just outside of L.A. to Angeles National Forest, where the video was shot. The indoor scenes were filmed in the basement of a dollar store near Long Beach.

See the video below.