Photo: Steve Osemwenkhae

Bad Rabbits are back, with their new single "F on the J-O-B," which is accompanied by a humorous animated video.

The clip follows a workplace scenario as one dude just can't keep his hands to himself—or his pants on. "F on the J-O-B" is pretty self-explanatory; it literally means "fuck on the job."

While the R&B outfit at first seems to be suggesting they're keen to a workplace romance, they quickly make clear this is actually meant to address the serious topic of sexual harassment and misconduct, in support of the #MeToo movement.

"We actually wrote this song well before the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, and it was inspired by women's experiences in the workplace," says vocalist Fredua Boakye of the new track. "Now, with everything that has happened in the past year, the song is even more important to us. The song and the video shame and mock the men who feel entitled to sex just because they are attracted to a woman. The narrator in this song is the guy that Mimi deals with every day at work. To the douchebags that sexually harass women, your time's up. To women, we just want you to know that we support you."

The new song is from Bad Rabbits' upcoming album Mimi, which is coming Aug. 10. For it, they teamed up again with their longtime collaborator, producer B. Lewis, as well as a handful of songwriters, including Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak collaborators Sam Barsh.

Check out the "F on the J-O-B" video below, especially if you're one of the 41 percent of men who say they've never heard of #MeToo.