Photo by Bryan Mederos

After releasing their new single "Modern Midas" earlier this month, pop/hip-hop duo Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf (aka Dana and the Wolf) are now ready to unveil a set of visuals for it.

The video for the feisty cut arrived Thursday, premiering on Variance. Featuring the Los Angeles-based pair showering themselves with play money, it opens with a spoof of Drake's "God's Plan" video in which he gave away a million dollars.

"The budget for this video was -$500," their clip reads. "We need it back soon. Tell the label."

As Wolf notes: "I get that rappers want to celebrate their success with these luxurious videos, but it's a bit overdone at this point. We make a nod to Drake's 'God's Plan' video where he gives away the whole budget to random people on the street, except we didn't have any money. So basically we're the un-coolest group on the planet; we're white rappers with no money."

While the song is anchored by an infectious hook, it addresses a serious topic of sexism and predatory behavior, especially by powerful men. "As we grow as artists, it’s amazing how many men in power think I’m going to f--- them," says Hobson, pointing to the lyrics of a Modern Midas promising to reward you only if he can touch you.

Watch the video below.