Photo: Silas Phillps

Davis Mallory has shared the video for his recent single "Dance with Me," a collaboration with French DJ Loic Penillo, who produced the track.

Mallory, an alum of MTV's Real World and now a Nashville-based singer, teamed up with director Micah Atkinson for the clip, which was shot "with a vintage look in mind and references a retro-70s era pop style in wardrobe," according to the singer, who says is goal was to "create something that feels old yet new."

He adds: "I did not intend to have a mustache; however, I shaved one on the day of the shoot and liked the way it looked so I kept it for the video."

The glittery visuals follow Mallory's debut Loud EP, a nine-track set which was released last summer. 

See the video below.