Photo: Getty Images

After his surprising win Tuesday night, Alabama's Democratic senator-elect Doug Jones also made quite an exit after his victory speech.

As Jones began to make his way off stage, Cali Swag District’s 2010 hit "Teach Me How to Dougie" started playing overhead. And because CSPAN-2 was carrying the mixer feed audio, the song was heard prominently for about 30 seconds after the newly elected U.S. senator left the podium.

Jones' win was largely considered an upset, as a Democrat hasn't won statewide in Alabama in 25 years. Despite being up against an alleged child molester in Roy Moore, it was a narrow victory, with Jones winning 49.92 percent of the vote to Moore's 48.38.

Moore, who had the full backing of alleged sexual predator Donald Trump, has long been a controversial figure as he's claimed homosexuality should be illegal, 9/11 was caused by America's godlessness and drive-by shootings are the result of teaching evolution in public schools. He also recently claimed America was at its best during the time of slavery.

And he still won nearly half the vote.