Photo courtesy artist

London-based artist Richard Jahn has released his debut single "Paint It."

And as if the spellbinding track wasn't enough as is, the songwriter-producer has shared an accompanying video shot at the Gala Bingo Hall, Tooting, in the London borough of Wandsworth.

The cinematic clip shows Jahn in the middle of what appears to be a rather standard game of bingo at the historic British venue. But it's not long into the video before this isn't just a standard round of bingo.

Directed by Milo Hutchings and James Rushton, the intricately choreographed video was shot in just three hours on a Sunday morning, after months of negotiations. Jahn's own 90-year-old grandmother, who was an actress and dancer in the 1930s, also appears in the visual.

Watch the video below and definitely stay tuned for more from Richard Jahn.