Photo courtesy artist

Australian newcomer Bobi Andonov is making quite a splashy debut with his spellbinding new single "Apartment."

"Sign your name across my body / Lose your innocence / I can feel it leave your body," he croons with an effortless falsetto, before shamelessly suggesting: "We could fuck up my apartment / We’re just getting started."

Andonov, who is now based in Los Angeles, says he's been significantly influenced by the likes of Prince, George Michael and Terence Trent D’Arby, explaining: "They all had charisma," he says. "You couldn’t help but look at them. Musically, they were all so fucking sexy. None of these guys were scared to play with masculinity."

He adds: "Prince just went for it, this ‘I’m not for everyone’ kind of vibe. I wanted to crack my own little world, where I could be myself."

The song was released with an accompanying black-and-video video, directed by Ellis Bahl, which can be seen below.