Mick Jenkins, photo by Leandro Lara

Mick Jenkins has confirmed a new album is on the way. Today, he shared his new single "Smoke Break-Dance," a collaboration with JID.

The new track is accompanied by a video directed by Andre Muir. It comes ahead of Jenkins' new album The Patience, which is coming Aug. 18 via RBC Records/BMG.

"The Patience: As best I can be, I am a person who does everything within his power to change his situation," says Jenkins. "I think with some level of consistency, that behavior inevitably leads you to a point where you have to wait. A point where the things that now need to happen to move you forward are no longer in your control. I see this as a period of time in one's journey, no matter the length, where the unseen things must take place; The muscles must tear and repair, the understanding of a concept coming to you in a moment completely devoid of artistic intention. It’s through these moments where I’ve found myself being the most frustrated with patience.

Watch the new video.