Justin Broadbent

It's a busy Friday for music today, but don't miss this new one from Wild Rivers!

The trio has just released a new song called "Don't," a deceptively beautiful track about the breaking point of a relationship. It's emotional and heartbreaking, and so incredibly great. "I thought time would change it but it won't," the song's hook declares, reflecting a relationship in which two people do care about each other but it still isn't working.

“I've heard the adage my whole life: when you know, you know," the band said of the song. "People describe love at first sight as an irrevocable moment when you know you want to be with someone forever. I'm not sure it always shakes out like that. In my experience, as you get to know someone, you slowly come closer to knowing. It boils down to making an active decision to choose someone or not. If not, you try to make a really painful, adult decision to move on, and you try to trust that it's the right decision even when it's hard. This song is about making that call.” 

Wild Rivers is made up of Khalid Yassein (guitars, vocals, keys), Andrew Oliver (lead guitar, synths) and Devan Glover (vocals).

Watch the video below.