Milly Cope

Today, U.K. duo CHAMPS have confirmed a new album is on the way. The duo of brothers Michael and David Champion on Wednesday shared a new song called "All The Wrong Places."

The glimmering cut is from the Isle of Wight pair's upcoming fourth studio album Ride the Morning Glass, which is coming April 26 on BMG, they confirmed today. The new song follows the band's previously released standouts "Adeleine" and "My Baby Lorraine."

“‘All The Wrong Places’ is a song about those long dark nights and the demons that visit us when our subconscious is alive and well,” says Michael Champion of the new track. “Whether in dreams, the imagination, or absolute reality. Lyrically, the track explores both real and metaphorical places while the overarching narrative references finding yourself in terrible situations despite having what you believe to be good intentions.”

The album was recorded at Isle of Wight's legendary Red Squirrel Studios and produced by James Thorpe. 

See the new video now.