Ruston Kelly in 'The Weakness' video

Ruston Kelly returned Tuesday with new music, launching a new arc of music with "The Weakness," the lead single for his upcoming third album.

The Tennessee singer confirmed today his new album The Weakness is coming April 7 via Rounder Records. The title track is accompanied by a riveting set of visuals giving life to the stirring track, which is both gut-wrenching and beautiful. It follows a very complicated time in his life, after moving out of his Nashville home following his very public divorce from fellow singer Kacey Musgraves, and retreating to an old Victorian bungalow in the small Tennessee town of Portland.

Ultimately, he spent several months in "deliberate solitude" in attempt to process a sea of life-altering changes. “I felt a real need to understand myself a little better, and to rediscover the true foundation of who I am,” recalls Kelly, who has been candid in the past about his personal struggles, including drug addiction battles chronicled on his 2018 full-length debut Dying Star

He adds: “I started working on that song and the refrain just kept coming to me – ‘We don’t give in to the weakness,’” he explains. "The overall narrative of the record is that there’s a variety of weaknesses that I need to deal with, and a variety of strengths that I need to bolster. I truly do believe that acknowledging your weaknesses and digging deeper to understand yourself goes hand-in-hand with becoming a greater human being.”

Watch the new video below.