Seb Keefe

There's something so palpable about the music Handsome Ghost makes, and their latest single is such a breathtaking example of that.

Today, the duo of singer-songwriter Tim Noyes and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eddie Byun released their new song "Call Me When You’re Pulling Up," out via Nettwerk. It's warm and nostalgic, perfect for these dark, cold winter days, with gripping, introspective lyrics.

"‘Call Me When You're Pulling Up’ is a song about being down and out—about looking around and realizing that you don't really recognize where, or who, you are anymore," the band says. "And it's a plea to the one person who you think can pull you out of it all and bring you back to what you were before, back when everything was different. There's a desperation to the whole thing but I wouldn't say it's entirely full of defeat. There's still an element of hope within the song—that things will get better, in time.”

The song, which is an emotional journey of its own, is accompanied by a video directed by singer Tim Noyes' brother Nick Noyes, who offers a satirical narrative as a giant, analog phone chases a protagonist in a remote area, a nod to the ripple effects of the false ways in which we often present ourselves on social media.

“To me, the video is taking a large idea of the dangers of social media and boiling it down to its simplest form, a tongue-in-cheek horror movie with a phone as the villain," says Nick Noyes. "The video explores the ‘insta vs reality’ and the role technology has on our lives through a campy lens. The protagonist (played by the fantastic Jessica Morgan) can never quite get away from the phone as it filters and changes her look while forcing her to perform for the camera.” 

Watch the new video below.