Photo courtesy artist

Dear fashionistas, listen up — for Ray Laurél’s chic new single is the ultimate dark indie cut to lift your confidence up before you take that first step to an unforgettable catwalk; and it doesn’t matter whether it’s at a high-end event or from the comfort of your room.

Titled “Charles Jeffrey,” the track is an infectious banger, blending elements of indie-slash-electronic pop with laid-back vocals. And, along the strings of the electric guitar, the song flawlessly explores a unique metaphor inspired by — well, you might’ve guessed by now — Charles Jeffrey, a Scottish fashion designer, whose punk-inspired, gender-fluid designs influenced London's queer club scene.

Ray Laurél explains that the track is all about “the shadow self” and “the inner demons” that we all have got inside of us, and even more so about learning how to embrace them. “I feel [that] people are hyper-fixated around running toward love,” says the London-based music newcomer. “But the more you run away from fear, the most you’ll encounter it.”

Inspired by the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Sampha, James Blake, and, in particular, Jai Paul, Ray Laurél beautifully explores self-identity through their exciting work — make sure to check out the previously-released Manic Pixie Dream Boy EP.

Most importantly, an integral part of Ray Laurél multi-hyphenate story is their South-Asian identity; while being proud of their background, they also don’t shy away from opening up about the challenges they faced culturally. “Societally, South Asian people aren’t accepted in the UK for so many reasons, especially as creatives, and then I realised I was Queer,” Laurél unveils. “The trauma of never being good enough is probably why we’re going to be successful. I wouldn’t want it another way, even with my music, I’m gonna push hard to prove people wrong, and push doubly hard because I’m a brown person, too.”

Following their sold-out debut live show at Folklore, Ray Laurél will next be performing at the Dice Live Awards at Outernet on Nov. 22.