Joseph Strauch

M. Byrd is back with his euphoric new single “Flood.” Inspired by the turbulence of life, his latest single flows with momentum, as hopeful undercurrents weave their way into his newest indie rock anthem.

Exploring discourses into community, yet the sentimental art of letting go, there’s an oxymoronic undertone to “Flood” that makes M. Byrd’s latest endeavor so impactful. He confides, “My partner’s family is in Denmark. My family is somewhere at the French border. My friends are everywhere. I’m trying to make sense of letting go and still being firm with myself and the people I love.” As love, distance, family, and life’s trajectory are explored, “Flood” evolves into the perfect road trip anthem. The familiar guitar-lead rhythms meet crashing choruses, to create a tune that evolves with metaphorical bliss. 

M. Byrd continues, “I like to think of it as a constant cascade, like a waterfall that is becoming stronger and stronger, the more it is raining. Musically I find that to be most apparent in the littler guitar melody that slowly weaves into the song in the second part of the song as it is growing to a big cascading choir that Doreen and I recorded in like 2 overdubs together. We were just screaming in the room, it was magnificent!”

Needless to say, “Flood” is an indie-rock anthem that packs the perfect punch. With humbling resonance and addictive melodies, this tune makes for an incredible listening experience. M. Byrd is onto something huge.