Louis Gilbert

Ahead of a new album, East London outfit Tempesst has shared a riveting new single called "True Love's in Decline."

It's a whimsical, bittersweet offering from the band, off their upcoming record Prisoner of Desire, which they confirmed today will be released on March 3 via Pony Recordings. The song is joined by a quirky accompanying video, which finds the group taking on modern, so-called "love."

The song is reflective of a man who has a very transactional relationship with love via dating apps, and according to frontman Toma Banjanin, the new track nods to the shallowness of this way of thinking. "It’s a bit cynical and tongue-in-cheek, but to be fair, I think it is a legitimate analysis of the times we live in," says Benjanin.

Watch the video now.