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Coming together in their youth as a group of Venezuelan refugees, heavy psychedelic-rock band Joudy has become a neoteric institution in Brooklyn’s rock scene. After relocating to NYC in 2017, the band’s music epitomizes their struggles with immigrating to a new country, adjusting to the racial barriers, and a sense of feeling like an outcast.

Their music reflects the frustration, grief, and fear of who they were and what they became throughout their journey. With that being said, the band is re-releasing their previous Spanish-language records La Bestia and Obertura on all streaming platforms and preparing to release their debut English-language LP, Destroy All Monsters.

As for what to expect, the band released their first single from the album titled, “Uneasy” featuring new visuals to go along with the track with dark aesthetics and deranged choreography to set the tone with its crushing vocals, obscure-laced lyricism, and obscure elements that sets the band apart from comparisons.