Photo courtesy artist

Known for his multidisciplinary approaches and trailblazing endeavours, Capo Corleone is soaring back into the scene with his bustling new single “Brakes.” The notable hip hop artist and Los Angeles-based music executive continues to pave his unparalleled way into the scene, with successes following him across the world stage. 

In collaboration with Polish jazz artist and producer Kuba Więcek, the duo bring their genreless approach to fruition, in a fluid concoction of jazz and hip hop. The euphoric blend may seem obscure, but their latest collaboration epitomizes the very best of creativity. As the duo joined forces, they envelop the momentum of life into every second of their latest tune, enrapturing listeners with blissful beats and a completely unique energy. Corleone explains, “The place and time definitely influenced the writing and attitude of my flow and performance. “Running with no brakes on” as I say in the song was exactly how I had been feeling moving from city to city.” 

Rallying themes of accomplishment and strength into every second of their new single, “Brakes” inspires an ode to live a life of your own making. Corleone and Więcek bring vibrancy to every verse, as they unite their encapsulating productions and trailblazing ingenuity. They explain, “It was really magical how quickly we worked together and clicked - we were really inspired by each other and it showed.”

Bring a healthy dose of experimentalism to the scene, their passion sets them apart. With their upcoming EP Thank Myself on the horizon, “Brakes” really is just the first chapter. Delving into inspiring chronicles and even bigger ambitions, Corleone and Więcek showcase global collaboration like no others.